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 “THAT MELVIN BRAY by Margaret McBride is an excellent story set in the South in a certain time and place in contemporary history, that many readers will not only relate to but relish. This novel is a wonderful entry in the Southern literary genre. The theme of forgiveness is one we can’t read about enough, because forgiveness is so very important to living a full and healthy life. McBride writes in a charming manner and style, capturing the era and setting well. Each character is entertaining and holds the reader’s interest. As a reader, I have only heard secondhand accounts of this era, but the story feels authentic to me. I think readers who are looking for an uplifting, entertaining read will enjoy this novel. The author has worked hard to capture the time and place, along with each character. The cover is nice. I am familiar with artists who paint portraits of the South in this type of primitive style, and readers who understand this type of artwork are sure to gravitate right to this book. The fact that this author has troubled herself to get excellent endorsements is a plus. The plot explanation is appealing. I also like the portrait and bio of the author. Overall, nicely done. Those who love Southern literature are sure to enjoy this story. I hope this author has many more books planned!”

–  Judge, 25th Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards


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