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Writer’s Digest Annual Author Book Reviews – November 5, 2014

Author Margaret McBride treads some familiar ground with her Christian inspirational That Melvin Bray. There is a lot going on in this book; a lot that the Christian fiction reader will find of value here. Regular readers of Christian fiction will find a like-minded soul here, telling a story of faith and one’s ability to help rise us up from less than ideal beginnings. In a world where the dysfunctional family seems to be the new normal, this is a timely message and one that could be of significant service to many people.”


“That Melvin Bray” by Margaret McBride, was selected by Abbott Press, a Division of Writer’s Digest, for their 2014 Winter Catalogue!!


“Whatever happened to That Melvin Bray?”


Left side: Author Margaret McBride – Right side: Carolyn Schmidt Dasher


To Become Your Best Self You Must Embrace Forgiveness
New novel tackles faith and forgiveness to inspire triumph in life.

ATLANTA, GA – When there is anger in the heart, will anger or love prevail? Childhood disappointments, like invisible phantoms, often lead to a lifetime of personal denial overshadowed by grief and regret – we often lie the loudest when we lie to ourselves.

Author Margaret McBride has written her new novel, “That Melvin Bray,” to inspire people to forgive, to heal, and to embrace a life filled with spiritual meaning and personal abundance. McBride creates the backbone of the story for love and healing from a mixture of personal insights and the experiences of those she loves. Add in a heap of psychological ingenuity and a dash of lighthearted adventure and you’ve got a full-blown spiritual thriller.

“That Melvin Bray” follows two young women who must confront and reconcile the burdens of their personal regrets in life while trying to solve the mystery of a missing child. Along the way, a higher power guides them toward the personal healing they seek.

“Much like my own characters, I struggled to find the path to personal healing,” McBride said. “With some guidance from above, I found mine and hope my novel helps others do the same.” Aiming to stir the soul, this novel demonstrates that the written word is far from silent. This journey of healing not only provides inspiration to accept life’s disappointments, but also to recognize the compelling power of forgiveness, hope and healing.

“After all, my sincerest belief is when the heart truly forgives then there is nothing to forget,”
McBride said.

“That Melvin Bray”
By: Margaret McBride
SC-ISBN: 978-1-4582-1212-2
SC-Retail price: $18.99
Available at Abbott Press –, and


April 22, 2014

I had the pleasure of photographing the book signing of “That Melvin Bray” by Margaret McBride in Houston. She is absolutely amazing and inspirational. Read this book today, you won’t regret it and it may change your life.

Thank you, Margaret!

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